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Social Media Is a Solid and Varied Marketing Tool
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Social media is an inescapable part of today’s Internet experience and should therefore be factored into every company’s marketing campaign. Your goal is to put your products, your logo and your brand wherever your consumers are pointing their eyes, and the fact is that many people spend hours of their free time on social media. It means that no matter which way you look at it, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you ignore social media. 

Using social media to outright market your business or product is not a terrible idea, but unless you are using an affiliate...

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The Rise of the Petabyte? Big Data Goes Small
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As the world of computing has advanced, the amounts of data that we are capable of storing has exponentially grown. While 500 megabytes of data storage was considered to be impressive only a handful of years ago, most smartphones boast gigabytes of capacity. However, we may very well soon see such an impressive capability evolve to an entirely new level thanks to a novel storage method. Scientists believe that it is within reason to store up to an incredible petabyte of data on a polymer disk the size of a common DVD.

The Power of Light

The basic principle behind data storage involves the...

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Getting Customer Feedback through SurveyMonkey
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As a business owner, manager or decision maker, you may be having several important questions you would want to pose to your clients or customers without having to make elaborate and expensive arrangements. Perhaps you wish to honestly know how your company is perceived by customers. You could be wondering how clients may react to your new business promotion. 

If your business lacks the time or resources to set up an expensive way of getting unbiased and honest customer feedback, the answer could be SurveyMonkey. There are several reasons behind this proposal.

1. They are Easy to Use...

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An overview of Bots
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A bot refers to software that has been designed tasks that one would typically do on their own. The software is capable of performing simple tasks such as making a dinner reservation, making or adding an appointment to the calendar. The innovation of these applications has led to the simulation of conversations. The software is a third-party application encompassed inside other messaging applications such as Telegram. It enables the user to chat back and forth just the way they talk with a fellow human.

The application can also be used to handle some customer service requests saving costs...

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Apple News
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'IPhone mini': the new Apple phone for March? His older “7” brother it´s not out yet, but Apple can not wait any more. 

Dubbed as iPhone 5SE, it is designed as a special edition. It would be like an iPhone 6, but with the appearance of an iPhone 5: The screen will be smaller, but would include the latest developments. It would be launched in March or April, six months before the innovative iPhone in July.

The years seem to have removed the Steve Jobs’ reason. "Nobody will ever buy a big phone: you can not use it with one hand," said the...

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Adobe Experience Manager: Multi-Channel Content Delivery and Management Software

Content may be king in the online world, but in today's multi-device landscape even the highest quality content is worth little if it can't be viewed successfully across the full range of channels available to the web marketer. From traditional web to mobile, social media to smartphone apps, managing your content across the many different formats can be a trial that diverts essential energy and resources from making content that engages and converts.

The Adobe Experience Manager software is a solution to this difficulty, acting as a web content management system that aids...

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How Adobe Primetime Can Help your Business
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Primetime is a media management platform which is part of the Adobe marketing cloud. It can be used to deliver high quality TV and film to your customers as part of a marketing strategy. The way people watch film and TV has changed and in order to keep up with new technologies broadcaster, cable networks and service providers need to keep up with viewing trends in order to stay in business. Primetime gives businesses the opportunity to deliver video across every device and platform. It is fast and easy to use, adobe gives businesses the know how to successfully promote and deliver their...

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What is Google Analytics 360 and How is it Going to Help You With Marketing?
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This week Google announced it's new suite of analytical tools, Google Analytics 360, which they aim to make an indispensable instrument for anyone working in marketing. The products here exist as new technologies focused on the analysis of various data streams for marketing but many have been developed from extant Google technologies and all of them benefit from the knowledge Google has built in the marketing arena. The first four items listed below are all new for the suite and are currently still listed as being in Beta.

The Tools

  • Audience Center 360 - Google's first...

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Predictions for 2016 Marketing
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When a year begins, it's always a good time to think about the future and which aspects will be trend. How consumers behave, what Google algorithm level is going to be, how should I act in social networks, etc...

Let’s take a look in the 4 predictions of what is going to shine on the online marketing this year

Growth in live away from Google searches, Bing and Yahoo
For those who take time to implement SEO strategies and closely follow the data on organic growth to your site visitors, this news may seem old; for most it is not. The reality is that searches happen in places where...

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Growth Hacking, A Term You Should Know
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Growth hacking is a term that’s been getting thrown around over the last few years that holds multiple, but similar, meanings and is most closely tied to technology based startups. In it’s simplest form, growth hacking is a creative marketing technique that utilises social and analytical metrics in order to “grow” a brand and gain increased exposure. However, due to the loose term and meaning of growth hacking, the practice can change from company to company and even industry to industry, with only the core focus of relentless growth being the same.

Growth hacking...

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